The primary motivation for participating in the diet plan was for an improved quality of life. What a wonderful experience - the low energy levels, headaches and hot flushes were a thing of the past in no time. The new fresh and energetic me feels great.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guarenteed

Suseth Fauré

I have tried many different diets in my life with no real success. Dr Schoombie suggested that I try the Metabolic Balance Programme. It came as a total surprise that after only a few weeks on the programme I started to regain my energy and feeling of wellbeing.

I find the programme easy to follow with sufficient amounts of different foodstuffs to choose from, which makes it easier to stick to the diet. An addisional bonus is the motivation and guidance that I receive from Dr Schoombie. The Metabolic Balance programme has now become a life-style which I intend following even after I have obtained my ideal weight because it helps me to feel and look great.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guarenteed

Linda Erasmus

I am a 64 year old male who had a cardiovascular bypass done in March 1999 and since then I have been on blood pressure medication.

In February 2011 I had a routine check up with my doctor who suggested that I seriously consider losing weight. She suggested that I invest in the Metabolic Balance Programme that would not only address my weight problem but also work towards restoring my health in general. I followed her advice and obtained very good results within a short space of time. Since April my blood pressure has stabilised so much that it was possible to stop one of my blood pressure tablets completely and halve the dose of the second one.

I have now lost 16 kg and weigh 84 kg and I'm feeling on top of the world. It is comforting to know that I'm not in this alone and can count on my doctor for motivation and support. The Metabolic Balance programme has changed my attitude towards my health and life in general.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guarenteed

Paul du Plessis

My name is Aniela , and I am a 47 year old female. For the past 15 years I have been battling with my weight which get progressively worse after I had a double fusion in my neck in March 2006. My weight went up to 86 kg and I am an average 5.7 height.

Over the past few years I have tried every diet possible. Eventually I stopped trying as nothing really seemed to be working. In the August of 2010 I had to go onto medication for high blood pressure and this was strange for me as I always had low blood pressure. In the middle of May this year I came done with the flu and Was advised by my doctor that I should consider going onto the Metabolic Balance program as my immune system was not at it should be. When my blood test results came back I had a further scare of my insulin levels being too high. This was just more of an incentive to start the program.

I did not find the program difficult to follow and have thoroughly enjoyed being on it. It has become a way of life for me and I am very close to my goal weight of 67 after 11 weeks. I have already recommended the program to many people but a friend of mine in Malta has started, and is being attended by a person in London and she has lost 5.6 Kg in three weeks.

She also feels a lot better and she has more medical issues than I have. I am now off my blood pressure medication and feel a lot better about myself and how I appear to other.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guarenteed

Aniela Malan

219 Dunstan Road
South Africa

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