Are your tired? Do you feel like hiding under your bed? Well, then Vila je Retreat is the place for you. Here you can dip away from your daily responsibilities and commitments.

Maxi Pretorius is an artist and master glass blower and ex M Tech Fine Arts student of the Tshwane University of Technology.

Dr Felicity Schoombie is a medical doctor and Counsellor with a holistic approach in respect of health and care.

Maxi Pretorius and Dr Felicity Schoombie collaborated in order to provide you with the opportunity to again find yourself and enrich your body, spirit and soul.

Vila je Retreat is situated in the Dinokeng area, 35 kilometres northeast of Pretoria. The large homestead is bordered by unbridaled nature with game which roams freely. Early morning and late afternoon you can hear the lions roar and during the night you can hear the sounds of hyenas and jackals.

The house comprises of five en-suite bedrooms, each one with its own theme. The house is abundantly decorated with the art works of Maxi Pretorius. Maxi is also the hostess of the Retreat. Three meals are served daily to guests.

During your stay at the Retreat you can attend Maxi’s art and handicraft workshops. You need not possess any art skills as it is only part of the process to surprise yourself with your creativity. You can paint, draw and learn how to make glass beads, as well as paper- and art dolls. In addition you can sculpt, do “mixed media” doodle and Zen tangle, to name but a few examples. These workshops can form part of your visit to the Retreat, or it can be presented to a group.

Dr Felicity presents four Authentic-U workshops during 2015. These workshops will assist with a person’s ability to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle, entailing of the following subjects:

  1. The nuts and bolts of healthy relationships;
  2. How to build your own identity and to develop your own potential;
  3. Guidelines for the handling of stress;
  4. Death as a phase of life and as well as the reality of death.

The cost of the Authentic-U workshops is R2 320.00 per person. The workshop commences on a Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon. The tariff includes accommodation, meals, catering, game viewing, and a creativity class presented by Maxi, as well as the presentation lectures by Dr Felicity.

Vila je Retreat is open for visits of any duration outside the scheduled times of these workshops. Vila je Retreat also offers a personal diet programme which heightens energy levels and assist in creating a feeling of wellness about body and spirit. Slenderness and fitness form an integral part of the Metabolic Balance diet. The Metabolic Balance programme is a holistic metabolic weight and weight adaptation programme where food is your medicine and medicine is your food.

Other activities which Vila je Retreat offers are yoga and game viewing which amongst others include the viewing of lions and hyenas. You can also swim in the 25 metres swimming pool or simply do nothing. Whatever your need, Vila je Retreat will fulfil it and treat you. Visit for a day, a weekend, or just as long as you wish.

For any further enquiries or reservations, you can contact Maxi Pretorius on 082 956 9055 or Authentic-U at 012 333 4381.

Also ‘like’ ‘Vila je Retreat’ or ‘Authentic-U’ on Facebook. You are welcome to also visit the web page of Authentic-U:

219 Dunstan Road
South Africa

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