WARNING: This is not another gimmick website trying to sell you a "magic pill" or diet programme that is followed by "millions" with a super duper built in quick fix, etc., etc., etc. No, this site will introduce you to a REAL life-long solution to weight management, with a holistic approach founded on REAL science and maintained by a REAL medical team.

For the past 30 years I have sought many solutions for my patients who struggle with chronic illnesses (dis-ease or out of sync body functioning), and found that medication, although it relieved the symptoms, had its limitations in reversing the conditions. As a medical doctor who has a holistic approach to patient treatment and care, I believe that a healthy body is a necessity for acquiring equilibrium in all other aspects of one's life. A healthy body has as one of its features, a normal body mass index. That means you are neither over- nor underweight. We know that underweight is synonymous with being under nourish, but an overweight body does not mean that you are well fed. In fact it could indicate a serious undernourished state instead! Counting your calories and cutting down on your already insufficient meals will just worsen your situation. The truth is that YOUR needs will be totally different from the next person matching your weight and or chronic illnesses and that is why ordinary diets fail in producing long termed results.

The Metabolic Balance Diet, based on 20 years of research and sound scientific principles, provides you with a meal plan that is based on your bodies unique make-up. It is not a fad diet promoted by some well-known celebrity, who gets paid mega bucks for saying the right words in the ad to encourage people to buy into the 'miracle diet'. It astounds me how people can sell a diet as if "one diet fits all".

Do you still remember a time when your body operated at its peak and you felt you could eat whatever you wished without suffering any risk of weight gain? You can? I bet you are longing for that time once more! In that case, let me help you to "Turn Back Time," so as to speak, through the metabolic personalised nutrition plan that will optimise your metabolism again by balancing your hormones.

This plan will not only assist you to return to your optimal weight and health but most important of all, retain it for life.

The best part of all this is that it is done using only natural foodstuff you buy at your local shop. If you are Interested in how this could possibly work for you, contact me on or telephonically on 012 333 4381 (office hours). I would be honoured to assist you.


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South Africa

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